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Some oils from oil extraction need to refine before using for cooking due to high F.F.A. However it is not the compulsory. But in so many European and other countries people are using the refined cooking oils only. After getting of cooking oil of any oilseeds from the oil extraction machinery, it is refined in the refinery plant to remove the FFA (Free Fatty Acids), color and odor of the cooking oils. This is one of the latest chemically refined technology. Hence the refined cooking oil will be thin, without FFA, colorless and odorless. The main by product is the soap stock, which is widely used in soap industry.

Edible Oil Refinery Plant (Vegetable Oil Refinery)

We manufacture different capacity of cooking oil Refinery.

  • Cooking oil Refinery for producing of best quality of refined cooking oils.
  • Almost maintenance free machinery.
  • Strong and robustly constructed.
  • Complete plant install on steel structure.

Three main processes of “Jagdish” cooking oil Refinery Plant :

  • Neturalization.
  • Bleaching.
  • Deodorization.

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