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Introduction To Groundnut Oil Extraction Technology

Groundnuts and groundnut oilcake are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Whole groundnuts (without shells) average 25 – 30% protein, 40 – 45% oil and are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and the B-vitamins. One metric ton of unshelled nuts can produce around 265 kg of oil and 410 kg of oilcake.

The groundnut oil extraction plant can be divided into four main parts which are as follows

  • Groundnut Decorticator
  • Groundnut Oil Expeller
  • Groundnut Oil Filter Press
  • Steam Boiler

Groundnut Decorticator

Groundnut decorticator machine is used to remove the hard shell of peanuts and get red skin peanut kernels automatically. The shelled peanut kernel can be applied to the peanut oil production line. Groundnut decorticator is versatile in shelling not only peanuts but other oil seeds like almonds, sunflower seeds. Its proper height makes it easy for the operator to feed peanut seeds in.

After starting the power, peanut is fed into the hopper. The spindle drives the parallel bars. Peanut has repeatedly hit by the rotor, under the action of friction, collision, peanut shell is broken. Then the below screen hole squeezes out the peanut and the shell, finally sorting out the shell and the kernel by the fan.

This groundnut decorticator has simple and compact structure, easy operation, and stable performance, safe and reliable. It’s composed of pattern pole, screen mesh, trash rack, fans, vibration sieve, elevator parts, etc.

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Groundnut Oil Expeller

Decorticated groundnut seeds are fed in the feeding hopper of long cooking kettle for cooking purpose. Cooking of groundnut seeds is necessary for highest recovery and long life of groundnut oil. Long cooking kettle is provided for the proper cooking of the groundnut seeds. The cooking kettle has given a special shape for maximum heating surface and the better cooking.

The cooked groundnut seeds will be automatically dropped in the expeller and the expeller extracts (crushes) the cooked oilseeds with the highest extraction pressure and produces the oil and by product (cake). The extraction chamber of expeller is specially designed for the highest recovery of oils as well the complete design of expeller is heavy duty for the best performance.

The filter pump is attached with the expeller and it supplies the extracted oil from the oil tank of expeller to filter press with high pressure.

Groundnut Oil Filter Press

The filter press filters the extracted groundnut oil by using the micro filter cloths to make it edible. Filtered groundnut oil will be a very cleaned, transparent, fresh, pure and natural in taste without any chemicals and hence there is a big demand of the same groundnut oil at everywhere. The filtration chamber of the filter press is specially designed with membranes plates for the best performance.

Salient Features Of Reusing From Jagdish Groundnut Oil Extraction Plant

  • The husk or any waste wood or any agricultural waste or diesel is used in the boiler for firing as a fuel.
  • The boiler produces the steam from the water and which is given to the cooking kettle for the cooking of the oilseed.
  • Water feed pump is provided to feed the water in to the boiler.