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About Oil Expeller Machine

The oil expeller machine is also known as the oil press machine. Jagdish is a world leader in the field of oil expeller machines. The deep experience of over more than 25 years and plenty of customers across the world have proven Jagdish as the solution provider for complete range of oil expeller machines, oil expellers and oil extraction machinery.

We manufacture oil expellers for crushing the various kinds of oilseeds. Our oil expellers are made available for the purpose of oil extraction. The oil expellers are manufactured with respect to the pre-defined industrial norms and guidelines.

Salient Features Of Jagdish Oil Expeller

  • Cast iron bodies and base to provide ridged structure.
  • Single reduction gear box with spur gears to provide best mechanical advantage in low power consumption.
  • Fabricated variety of chamber size to give best customer satisfaction.
  • Case hardened worm assembly to provide best mechanical strength.
  • Superior quality of oil and cake with maximum extraction ratio.
  • Maintenance requirement is less and easy to provide maximum work throughput.
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Efficiency Of Jagdish Oil Expellers

The length of the intermediate shaft and pulley has been decreased substantially, hence the chances of breaking reduces to a major extent.

With extensive research and several years of experience we craft our oil expellers to deliver the best quality outputs to our clients. Thus they appreciate the excellent efficiency of our machines.