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Features of Oilseed Cracker Machine

There are many different oilseeds that contain a considerable amount of oil. The seeds are allowed to undergo the seed cleaning process to make the best use of them. An Oil Seed Cracker is an important machine which finds a place in the oil extraction plant. We all know that all the oil seeds differ in size. Oilseed Crackers are used to reduce the size of the seeds and make them suitable for oil extraction.

Operarational Design Of Oilseed Cracker Machine

There is an inlet hopper at the top of the machine for feeding the seeds into the machine. The internal structure of the machine is enclosed with the casing. When the seeds fall into the chamber, the rotating blades will break the seed into smaller pieces. A special outlet is provided at the bottom of the cracker for the oilseeds to come out.

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Salient Features Of Jagdish Oilseed Cracker Machine

  • The machine is fabricated from Mild Steel (MS) which provides great strength and ridged machine structure.
  • It makes the oil seeds into proportionate size.
  • The oilseed cracker machine is very useful as it saves a lot of time and human effort.
  • It is also useful for increasing the output by large quantity.