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Features Of Palm Kernel Cracker

Palm Kernel Cracker Machine is mainly used for the Palm kernel. We manufacture Palm kernel Cracker machine that is used to crack the palm kernels into the small pieces. Palm kernel is very firm in nature. It is very tough to break the Palm kernel with hand. With this purpose, we designed the Palm kernel Cracker machine so that process becomes easier and mechanized. Jagdish Palm kernel Cracker is highly demanded for all the Palm oil producing units. The palm kernels that come from the plantations and mills, are directly to be fed into our palm kernel cracker.

Functions Of Palm Kernel Cracker

There is a High Speed Rotating Disc located at the centre of the machine. This disc is made from hardened steel. When the palm kernel are given as the input to the hopper, the nuts are thrown away towards the walls of machine. The sudden impact leads to the breaking of the palm kernel into smaller pieces.

We supply our palm kernel crackers with all our palm kernel oil mills. The buyers can rely on this seed processing machine for faster and easy cracking of nuts without much needed human efforts. This machine is very much essential for large oil mills where the quantity of palm kernel is more.

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Salient Features Of Jagdish Palm Kernel Cracker

  • Equipped with the dust collector, which is used to avoid spatter of the fragment when crushing
  • It is Multifunctional.
  • High working efficiency, low energy consumption.
  • Simple structure, steady running, easy to operate and maintain.
  • Can be designed based on actual requirements.