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Introduction To Vegetable Oil Processing Technology

Solvent extraction and distillation process produce crude Oil, which contains inherent harmful constituents like Free Fatty Acids (FFA’s), gums, sediments, odoriferous and colouring materials, phosphatides, hydrocarbons, traces of pesticides and heavy metal, that need to be refined for human consumption. Refining is the process to remove such undesired constituents from the extracted oil, without losing out on the useful factors or affecting the composition.

Vegetable Oil RefineryRefined Vegetable Oil Production

Salient Features Of Jagdish Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant

  • For the successful Degumming, Neutralization and Washing of crude vegetable oil, the inherent phosphatides and free fatty acid need to be removed. Jagdish achieves this through a highly evolved continuous process, in which Degumming is carried out by reaction with Phosphoric acid under controlled conditions. This reduces the Phosphorous content as well as the hydratable & non hydratable gums.
  • Free Fatty Acids are reduced through reaction with caustic soda in a centrifugal separator under controlled conditions. As a result, fatty acids are removed as soap stock.
  • The Oil feed is finally washed in centrifugal separator under controlled conditions to achieve refined vegetable oil, free from gums and fatty acids.