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About Automatic Soap Stamping Machine

Die box is composed of 2 fixed parts and 6 moving dies: one upper die, one bottom die and four lateral dies. A good shaped soap is the sum of a correct sequence of actions of the dies. During stamping the four lateral dies are moving at first, and then the upper die deforms the soap that fills free cavities and creates the right shape.

Automatic soap stamper permits the utilization of existing die box sets because command parts can be easily regulated. After this lateral dies release the soap and the bottom die extracts it. There are not wastes so there’s not a de-flashing plate nor recycling system. Stamped soaps are discharged by pneumatic grippers. Regulation of all parts is easy and fast.

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Salient Features Of Jagdish Automatic Soap Stamping Machine

  • Machine is built on a sturdy welded, carbon steel frame that provides structural rigidity and the alignment of subsystems.
  • Full user friendly experience: complete transmission of the machine is situated on the side of the frame allowing total access in case of maintenance.
  • Automatic soap stamper uses a new generation of die box designed to reduce all deformations during stamping and to improve their life cycle.
  • The extractor has a graduate scale to help the regulation for a proper stroke during setting procedures. Lateral dies can be also changed to use existing die box set.
  • For the die set changing, on request jagdish supplies it for the stamper.