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About Complete Vacuum System

The vacuum-producing systems for soap dryers consist of steam condensation equipment and vacuum-producing equipment. The sole purpose of a condenser is to continuously convert the vapours generated during the drying process back into water. Two basic types of condensers are used that are as follows

  • Barometric Condensers
  • Surface Condensers

Barometric Condensers

The barometric condenser condenses the vapours by direct contact with the cooling. Cooling water can be efficiently used in closed circuit using a cooling tower in conjunction with a water chiller. So we majorly use these equipments as follows

  • Vacuum Pumps

    Today liquid ring pumps are the preferred choice.

  • Cooling Tower Systems

    Cooling Tower System is set for cooling the hot condensing water from the hot well and returning it to the barometric condenser.

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Surface Condensers

Vapours to be condensed flow inside the tubes while cooling water does it on the shell side. Cooling water is not contaminated with soap fines because they never come in contact with them

  • Steam Jet Ejectors

    Steam jet ejectors are very simple devices consisting of a nozzle, a mixing chamber and a diffuser.

Using motive steam, and according to the required operating vacuum level in the dryer, a single stage or multistage ejector group is used.