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Detergent Soap Making Machinery

Detergent soap making machinery majorly deals with production of soap from soap noodles and it contains following machines

  • Soap Mixer Machine
  • Soap Vacuum Duplex Plodder Machine
  • Automatic Circular Bar Cutting Machine
  • Final Soap Cutting Machine
  • Foot Operated Manual Soap Stamping Machine

Soap Mixer Machine

This is a latest and specially designed soap mixer machine to mix soap noodle as raw material for soap finishing line or soap chips came from soap chips making machine of soap saponification line with other ingredients like color, perfume, preservatives, additives etc.

The mixer machine consist of specially shaped “Z” blades set on parallel shafts mounted with close clearance in a double ‘U’ shaped trough. With the help of blades the mass is rolled and folded back and pushed down to join the separate layers. This action is repeated until desired uniformity is obtained. The rotational speed of each blades are different and adjusted according to requirement for better result through heavy-duty reduction gear box system and electric motor.

The electric motor can be switched on-off by automatic heavy-duty electric panel board when required. Design of mixer bucket, design of blades and suitable rotational speed of blades gives extremely well result of mixing. The process of a batch takes normally about few minutes.

Soap Vacuum Duplex Plodder Machine

The modern soap making uses a duplex vacuum plodder for the final mixing, compacting & air free extrusion of a continuous bar especially in toilet soap. The plodder (extrusion machine) is an important piece of equipment in the entire soap plant. It plays a major role in giving a final shape in bar form soap mass.

In the first stage soap is compressed, homogenized and supplied to the vacuum chamber in shape of noodles. The soap is refined by means of a refiner worm press. In order to reach the refining effect, a refining sieve (screen) (perforated disc) is fitted at the outlet of machine.

A noodle cutter is fitted very near to same disc which is used for cutting of soap noodles. When the soap mass passed through the same perforated disc it is transferred into noodles form.

The noodles fall into the vacuum chamber, where they are taken up by the main extrusion worm press, again compressed continuously and then extruded in the form of bar.

Distinctive design of die is provided with the mouth piece of extrusion barrel to achieve a particular size of bar and then bar cut into a fixed size of length and dimensions. The plodder machine is equipped with suitable cooling jackets system.

End of the conical compression head is heated by electrically heated oil bath chamber under the control of a temperature controller to get glossy surface on the soap bar. Design of overall machine with super finely grinded barrels and extrusion cone as well as very special design of machine’s extrusion screws and cone give so extremely well result of mixing and compacting of soap.

Detergent Soap MachineDetergent Soap Making Plant

Automatic Circular Bar Cutting Machine

This Machine is kept immediately after duplex vacuum plodder machine and which is used to cut soap in to bar form. The bar coming continuously from the end mouth (mouth die), enter in to this machine and which cut the same bar in to fixed length.

It consist of two casted circular rolls with each containing three blades fitted at equal distances corresponding to other roll having adjacently opposite fixed blade to cut the soap.

Final Soap Cutting Machine

The bars cut in to small soap cakes (tables) by using this soap cutting machine. The final size of cake is adjusted here according to the weight of final soap. Distance between thin wires can be set according to final weight need of soap. This is a reciprocating type wire cutting machine which is hand operated as well as motorized. That is as per buyer’s choice.

Foot Operated Manual Soap Stamping Machine

This is an ideal foot operated soap stamping machine where soap cakes are stamped. Soap stamping die (mould) (upper part and lower part) is fitted in the soap-stamping machine and both the parts (dies) movement up and down by rams. The cake comes from soap cutting machine is put between two dies and press a stroke of peddle and finally cake will be stamped and make your branded final soap which is now ready for packing. Generally all type of soap shapes are possible to stamp in this machine. We will supply a set of final soap moulds with this machine and that mould will be prepared according to your logo, brand name etc. So that final soap will be as desired by you. This machine is also suitable to stamp hotel soap. Generally this machine is used for smaller capacity of soap plant. Buyer can also increase the number of machines for getting more capacity or in bigger capacity plant.