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About Soap Refiner

Jagdish proposes single-worm and tangent twin worms refiners in both single and double stage versions. The length / diameter ratio of cylinder is 4. Refiners can be assembled with right or left side orientation for the operator.

Jagdish plodders can be supplied with hydraulical lockings of the die plate and of the conical head instead of traditional eye bolts. Electrical control panel, completed with push-buttons and inverters, is fitted in a frame that supports stairs and working platform.

Cylinder provided with jacket and insulation for cooling, manufactured in aisi 304 stainless steel for the parts in contact with product, other parts in painted carbon steel. Extrusion through a drilled plate and innovative refining foils of 25 and 40 mesh, pelletizing knife, protection and hinge-pins. On request, hydraulical locking instead of traditional eye bolts.

Main motor power controlled by inverter. Its brand can be chosen by the customer. Screws are built out from casting, polished and mechanically finished. Generally made of aluminium alloy g alsi9, on request also in ni-resist or aisi 304.

Standard water circuit, with solenoid valve and water temperature indicator at cylinder outlet. On request, it is possible to supply with thermoregulation systems. Depending on the type of soap and the production you are planning to make, Jagdish has different refiner proposals.

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Refining Foils

For an optimal refining a pass through refining plates is needed. Historically exist different kinds of these refining plates:

  • Wire mesh refining screens
  • Micro expanded wire mesh refining screens
  • Perforated plates, which do a stronger refining work to the product

Jagdish has developed a new refining concept creating refining foils. In order to improve the soap refining action through refiner plodder, there is a choice of wire net screens and drilled plates that are supporting the screen and protecting it from breakage

These perforated plates are also built from commercial available materials, but dimensions and shapes of holes are limited. Jagdish produces refining foils with perfectly defined geometry, size and shape of the holes that are practically unlimited

The refining action obtained by traditional wire mesh, built from commercial available materials, is minor than the refining obtained by perforated plates. Using innovative designing and Jagdish improved one of the principal constituents of the refining process by introducing refining foils.

Jagdish can furnish refining foils for machines produced by others. In this case it is necessary to provide all relevant dimensions such as inner and outer diameter.