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Conditions And Working Of Soap Vacuum Dryer

In this unit the soap is cooled and solidified. At the same time the water content in the finished product is reduced. This process takes place in a “flash” type expansion vacuum chamber.

Under these conditions, the partial pressure of water is much higher than the one it had at that vacuum degree, therefore it quickly evaporates resulting in cooling and concentration of the soap.

The soap is pre-heated under pressure and then allowed to expand through a nozzle which sprays it as a film on the expansion chamber walls from where it is removed by scrapers.

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Salient Features Of Jagdish Soap Vacuum Dryer

We are pleased to present our Soap Vacuum Spray Drying Plants for the production of toilet soaps noodles (soap-pellets) and laundry soap bars.

  • We design, manufacture and supply Vacuum Spray Drying Plants
  • We also revamp existing Plants and supply fully rebuilt second-hand Drying Plants.
  • Spare parts, pumps and other components for existing Drying Plants are available.
  • Customized complete Engineering Services are offered (layout drawings, PI drawings, material lists, thermal and material balances, etc.)
  • Start-up and training by experienced technicians are available when required.

Our team looks forward to the opportunity of designing a Soap Drying Plant which meets your specific needs. Contact us with your needs. We will be pleased to work with you.

3D Model For Soap Vacuum Dryer

3D Model For Soap Vacuum Dryer