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Soap Mixer Machine

This is a latest and specially designed soap mixer machine to mix soap noodle as raw material for soap finishing line or soap chips came from soap chips making machine of soap saponification line with other ingredients like color, perfume, preservatives, additives etc.

The mixer machine consist of specially shaped “Z” blades set on parallel shafts mounted with close clearance in a double ‘U’ shaped trough. With the help of blades the mass is rolled and folded back and pushed down to join the separate layers. This action is repeated until desired uniformity is obtained. The rotational speed of each blades are different and adjusted according to requirement for better result through heavy-duty reduction gear box system and electric motor.

The electric motor can be switched on-off by automatic heavy-duty electric panel board when required. Design of mixer bucket, design of blades and suitable rotational speed of blades gives extremely well result of mixing. The process of a batch takes normally about few minutes.