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Soap Roller Machine

For the manufacture of high-quality toilet soap a homogeneous soap structure is needed. For homogenization of the soap mixture, roller mills are especially well suited.

Each soap paste duly mixed with color and perfume requires a close grinding of mixed mass to bring fineness and homogeneity. The action of grinding or calendaring of the mass is done by means of passing through the close gap of rolls to form ribbon (thin layer thickness) like shape. It is done for good texture and odor of toilet soaps.

Rolls are kept cool during operation as per cooling arrangement already provided in the machine and water circulates in the rolls accordingly to avoid stickiness of mass with the rolls and to bring a uniformity with a sophisticated fineness in the mass.

The rotational speed of each rolls are different and adjusted according to requirement for better result through heavy-duty reduction gear box and electric motor. The electric motor can be switched on-off by automatic heavy-duty electric panel board when required. Design of overall machine with super finely grinded rolls and scraping device gives so extremely well result of rolling (homogenizing) of soap.