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Foot Operated Manual Soap Stamping Machine

This is an ideal foot operated soap stamping machine where soap cakes are stamped. Soap stamping die (mould) (upper part and lower part) is fitted in the soap-stamping machine and both the parts (dies) movement up and down by rams. The cake comes from soap cutting machine is put between two dies and press a stroke of peddle and finally cake will be stamped and make your branded final soap which is now ready for packing. Generally all type of soap shapes are possible to stamp in this machine. We will supply a set of final soap moulds with this machine and that mould will be prepared according to your logo, brand name etc. So that final soap will be as desired by you. This machine is also suitable to stamp hotel soap. Generally this machine is used for smaller capacity of soap plant. Buyer can also increase the number of machines for getting more capacity or in bigger capacity plant.


Automatic Soap Stamping Machine

Automatic soap stamping machine is required in bigger capacity of soap plant. Generally 500 kg./hour and above capacity of toilet soap plant is advisable with automatic soap stamping machine. Approximate speed of automatic soap stamping machine is 100-120 soap per minute. The same machine also required chilled water circulation inside dies, air with pressure, vacuum etc. Chilled water is received from water super chilling plant. Air is received from air compressor and vacuum is done by vacuum pump.